Media Center Master & Media Browser Updated

Two essential plugins for Windows Media Center have seen updates over the last week. If you’re a Media Center user or you’re thinking about using Media Center for watching TV and Movies then you must check both of these out – whilst there’s a lot of buzz out there about Boxee, XBMC and Apple TV, Windows Media Center in conjunction with Media Center Master and Media Browser takes a lot of beating.

New Downloads Category for Windows Media Center Plugins

Now that our new Windows Home Server add-in section has launched, we’re now turning our attention to developing an up to date catalogue of Windows Media Center plugins that we’ll keep up to date on an ongoing basis. It’s a big job though, and we need your help!

Add-In: EasyRadius (Beta)

Brent Freidman is keeping himself and the rest of us busy with another add-in release this week. EasyRadius allows the …

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