Stocking Filler Time: Power Tap

As we get closer to the holidays, the tech industry PR machine goes into overdrive, with press releases and ideas for gift guides flying around all over the place. It’s rare that my attention is grabbed my much of what lands in my inbox, but the Power Tap is a USB adaptor which would make a cute gift for a tech-loving friend or family member.

Oree Elevates Peripherals Out of the Periphery

Keyboards, trackpads, smartphone chargers – seen one, seen them all, right? In a market that embraces disposabilty, French manufacturer Orée are kicking against the trend with finely carved peripherals that are classically designed and hand-built by specialist craftsmen.

Win the 4GB Iomega SuperHero iPhone Backup and Charger

Last week we published our Hands On review of Iomega’s latest brainwave – the SuperHero iPhone Backup and Charger – it recharges your phone, for sure and looks like a neat little dock, but it comes with the extra benefit of backing up your iPhone’s (or iPod Touch) Photo library and contacts.

We thought it was pretty nifty, and thanks to the good people at Iomega, they’re letting us give our 4GB review unit away!

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