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How to: Build an Extreme Gaming PC – CPU

In the third part of our guide to building an extreme gaming PC, we talk through processor options. AMD, Intel, FX, Core i5, Core i7? What's right for you?
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Review: ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse

Budget gamers seeking an ambidextrous mouse that looks great, performs well and is comfortable to hold during extended gaming sessions should take a look at the ASUS Cerberus mouse.
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New ASUS B150 Pro Gaming Motherboards Available Soon

If you're in the market for a new or updated gaming PC with enhanced lighting, check out the three new ASUS B150 Pro Gaming Motherboards announced this week.
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Unboxed: GE Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch

The GE Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch is a weather resistant option from GE's line of Bluetooth 4.0 based Smart Controls. Stay tuned for our review, but in the meantime, let's open it up.
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Synology DS216+ Bolsters NAS Streaming Options

New two-bay Synology DS216+ is powered by Intel Braswell CPU for enhanced performance.
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Unboxed: GE Plug-in Smart Dimmer

The GE Plug-in Smart Dimmer is a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter that gives you the ability to control an outlet from a smartphone app. Let's get hands on!
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How to: Build an Extreme Gaming PC – GPU

In the second part of our series on building an Extreme Gaming PC, we take a look at graphics cards - the most expensive component of the build.
Using OS X El Capitan Server at Home


Unboxed: Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC LR Access Point

Tenda P1002P Gigabit Powerline Adapter Released


Unboxed: Tenda TEG1009P Unmanaged Switch


QNAP Adds Netflix Streaming Support to NAS Range

Synology DSM 6.0 Beta 2 Released

How to: Choose the Right NAS

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How to: Build an Extreme Gaming PC (Introduction)

In this new series, we'll be building an extreme gaming PC - a budget-blasting, high-octane racer that'll chew up and spit out any AAA game in 2016 and beyond.

Hive Extends Smart Home Range With Remote Power, Motion & Door Sensors

New security sensors and remote power solutions see Hive build out a more comprehensive smart home ecosystem.

ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/Aura Motherboard Announced

World's first AMD 970 motherboard ships next month, supporting quad-GPU graphics, USB 3.1 & NVMe SSDs.

How to: Cast Music to Sonos Speakers From Windows 10

Having assumed for years that the only method for streaming music to Sonos speakers was through the company's app, imagine my surprise when I discovered an alternative!

Unboxed: Foscam 1080P IP Camera FHD R2

The Foscam 1080P IP Camera FHD R2 is a compact 1080P surveillance camera that offers wireless or wired connectivity and the ability to pan, tilt, and optically zoom.

Budget Linksys X6200 VDSL Modem Router Announced

Compact Linksys X6200 combines cable and DSL modems with AC750 router in a value package.

Fractal Design Define Nano S Promises a Spacious, Hushed PC Build

New Fractal Design Define Nano S will make a great home server or gaming PC rig for self-builders.

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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Side View

Unboxed: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones


New: Tenda TEG1009p Unmanaged PoE Switch

Seagate 8 TB NAS Drives are Here

10 Great Thunderbolt 3 Products for 2016

ASUS XG-D2008 10-Gigabit Switch Unveiled

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How To: Create an Awesome Retro Gaming PC

If you're considering a Retro Gaming PC build, find out about the hardware and software you'll need to emulate the consoles of yesteryear.
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Download Using OS X El Capitan Server at Home Now

We're delighted to announce that We Got Served's Using OS X Server El Capitan at Home is now available to buy and download from our store.
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How To: Find the Right TV For Your Family This Christmas

This holiday, hundreds of thousands of big screen TVs will be bought around the world, courtesy of incredible discounts at supermarkets, big box electronics stores and online retailers. But there's more than price to consider, when selecting your next TV.
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Create Spooky Halloween Lighting Effects at Home With LIGHTIFY

Now that smart home lighting is so readily available, it's really easy to transform your home for festive occasions and holidays. There's no need to splash paint around, when you can simply bathe your home in spooky Halloween lighting, courtesy of the latest smart LED lights.
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How to: Upgrade Your Hive Active Heating System to Hive Active Heating 2

Hive Active Heating 2 launches ahead of expanded smart home service roll-out, with a newly designed thermostat and funky interchangeable covers. If you need to upgrade an existing Hive Active Heating System, here's how.
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How to: Root the Google OnHub

Learn how to boot the Google OnHub into developer mode, opening up the potential for custom software, additional features and more - if you're brave enough!
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How to: Install the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

Nest Labs just released the third generation of the popular Nest Learning Thermostat (model T3007EF) which hit stores last week. In this walkthough, I'll be replacing an older digital thermostat with the popular smart home device.
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How to: Set Up the Google OnHub for the First Time

So, you've taken the plunge. You've decided that the Google OnHub is going to make your digital life better. You've bought the device (or are about to) and you're ready to get started. What happens next?
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Tip: Update Your Xbox One Controller Firmware to Stay Connected

If you're experiencing wireless connectivity issues, an Xbox One Controller Firmware update may be in order. Here's how to do it.
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