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Amazon Kindel

Lots of buzz this week about Windows Media Center/Windows Home Server/Some Mobile OS godfather Charlie Kindel arriving at Seattle’s second uber-tech-giant, Amazon. Cue breathless tech-news conjecture about a forthcoming Amazon CloudPhone with S3 backup and access to one-click “Cereal Head” Cheerios subscriptions.

They’re all wrong. Here’s the scoop in two parts.

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Keeping Track Of the Family With Location Based Services

With the recent news that location-sharing service Glympse is leaping off the small screen and into your car (well, some people’s cars, anyway), it’s clear that we’re well into the second wave of location based services From the initial excitement – and fears- surrounding Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook check-ins, the ability to share your location with the digital world, and track your family and friends’ is becoming ubiquitous. But is it welcome?

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Can We Turn Into One Global Media Audience? Please?

With rumours circulating that Showtime will be the latest TV channel to go online, and the number of connected TVs and other devices set to explode over the next five years, the question in my mind is whether the networks will continue to manage artificial barriers between regions when it comes to distributing their content, or whether someone will take the plunge and push for global distribution of content via the online channel?

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