Create Spooky Halloween Lighting Effects at Home With LIGHTIFY

Now that smart home lighting is so readily available, it’s really easy to transform your home for festive occasions and holidays. There’s no need to splash paint around, when you can simply bathe your home in spooky Halloween lighting, courtesy of the latest smart LED lights.

How to: Root the Google OnHub

Learn how to boot the Google OnHub into developer mode, opening up the potential for custom software, additional features and more – if you’re brave enough!

How to: Set Up the Google OnHub for the First Time

So, you’ve taken the plunge. You’ve decided that the Google OnHub is going to make your digital life better. You’ve bought the device (or are about to) and you’re ready to get started. What happens next?

How to: Watch Live TV on Your Xbox One

With Microsoft recently announcing forthcoming DVR features for the Xbox One, it’s a good time to re-evaluate the potential of the console in your living room. First up, let’s check out Live TV.

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