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How to: Create a Network Accessible DVR for Your Home Server or NAS

It’s no secret that your TV, satellite DVR and cable box are network enabled. Sure, those guys love the fact that you can hook up your set top box to the Internet and grab move pay per view movies – hey, you can even take advantage of over the top services like BBC iPlayer and more. So, you do two and two together and figure out that there must be a way to extract those recordings made on your DVR and store them on your home server or NAS – that way, you can stream them to devices across the home, right?

Wrong. 99.9% of DVR manufacturers will encrypt those recordings (High Definition recordings, especially) and lock them to the box. Bah. What you need is a DVR with some custom firmware that can be hacked. The answer, for those of us in the UK, is the Humax HDR-FOX-T2. Let’s take a look.

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QNAP Selects XBMC Media Center For Latest Turbo NAS x69 Series

When considering which Network Attached Storage product is right for you, no longer is it sufficient to check out processor speeds, USB ports and file transfer rates. Oh no. In 2013, you’d better include media apps in your selection criteria too. We’ve seen ASUSTOR launch their HDMI-enabled NAS devices with Boxee on board. QNAP, however, have selected XBMC as their media center of choice.

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