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Review: Samsung DA-F60 Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC

Summer 2013 is almost with us, and our thoughts are already turning to the beach, mountains, city or wherever we’re choosing to spend our holidays. An essential addition to your packing this year could be a portable bluetooth speaker – an update to the 80s boom box for sure. With the sheer volume of portable speakers hitting the market already this year, they’re going to be everywhere. Today, we take a look at Samsung’s premium effort – the retro-styled DA-F60 Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC.

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Sonos to Launch Wireless Dock for iPhone and iPod Touch

Owners of Sonos’ multi-room audio system have been able to use their iPhones and iPod Touches for some time as a remote control, courtesy of a pretty awesome app, but they’ve been unable to actually play any music stores on those devices on the network. Until now. Sonos today announced the £99 Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100), which connects to your Sonos ZonePlayers over Wi-Fi, streaming audio to any room in the house.

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