Review: Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo could be considered a pricey toy but it definitely has the potential to be a useful household tool. With decent audio quality and an every increasing array of features, Amazon’s home hub has tons of potential.

Review: Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen2)

The new Sonos PLAY:5 is a huge leap forward from its predecessor offering a superbly resonant audio experience. A compact, simple exterior delivers a surprisingly wide soundstage and precise separation. A deep bass response, full mid-range and clear highs jump out from the speaker to envelop you in sound. In a world filled with marketing hyperbole, the Sonos PLAY:5 is a real technical achievement.

Unboxing the Sonos PLAY:5 (Gen2)

With the brand new “Gen2” Sonos PLAY:5 shipping at the end of the month, we were lucky enough to get our review unit in well ahead of general release. Stay tuned for our review next week, but for now, let’s tap and unwrap the wireless speaker.

All-New SONOS PLAY:5 Now Available for Pre-Order

Sonos has just announced that the brand new PLAY:5 wireless speaker is available today for pre-order over on the company’s website. The speaker goes on sale November 20th in all of its U.S. retail partner and dealer locations, while retail locations in Canada and across the globe will begin selling the PLAY:5 on November 25th.

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