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Review: Synology DS716+ NAS

Review: Synology DS716+

Ease of Use8.4
Value for Money7
8 out of 10
Summary This is one of the more expensive 2-bay NAS servers available, but the DS716+ is a great product being perfect for the small business or power home user. The DSM software underpinning the NAS is easy to use, stable, and includes a great selection of mobile apps so that your data is always available. A significant software upgrade is due later this year and the DS716+ supports many of the advanced new features such as dockerDSM, Intrusion Prevention and Hyper Backup. If you are looking for an expandable, powerful and compact 2-drive NAS, then make sure the DS716+ is on your shortlist, it's sure to impress.

Synology’s 2016 refresh of their NAS products kicked off last year with the release of the DS216se, DS216play, DS416. These products all fall into their Value Series and are targeted at people looking to get a Synology NAS at an affordable price. We’ve checked out both the DS216play and the DS416 and both were well received but, because value is high on the list of priorities, these devices omit some of Synology’s more advanced features such as expansion and Docker support.

Synology’s refresh has also included two updates to their Plus series, the DS216+ and the DS716+. These are both two-bay NAS devices that feature Intel Celeron CPUs, hardware encryption, and support the hottest new filesystem on the block: BTRFS (B TRee File System). If you’re not in the know, BTRFS, pronounced B-Tree FS or ButterFS if you’re one of the cool kids, is a modern copy on write filesystem that implements advanced features such as fault tolerance, snapshots, and SSD optimisations. One of the natural benefits of using BTRFS in NAS devices is the integrated support within the file system for mirrored volumes and complex RAID configurations.

Today we’ll be putting the $487/£396.99 DS716+ through its paces to discover what it can offer and how it performs…

The Synology DS716+ is packaged in familiar Synology style with a simple, but sturdy, cardboard box featuring an understated feature list. Crack open the box and you’ll find a well-packaged main NAS unit and a separate box containing the accessories.

Once you’ve got everything out you will find a Quick installation guide, power cord and adapter, two Ethernet cables, optional drive mounting screws, and a disk tray opening key.


The main DS716+ is a compact unit, and features the same design as the more premium Synology devices. The front of the unit houses the two drive trays with disk indicators, status and LAN indicators, copy button, USB 3.0 port and a power button.



The sides of the unit feature a perforated Synology logo that doubles as a cooling vent while the top is entirely featureless. Round the back of the DS716+ are two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a power connector, reset switch, and eSATA connector. Also, on the back is the 92mm software controlled fan.


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