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Samsung 1080p HD WiFi Smart Home Camera Offers Remote Surveillance & Recording

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about anything new in home surveillance and network IP cameras, so we were pleased to be told about Samsung’s new 1080p HD WiFi Smart Home Camera.

As revealed by its name, the new device kicks home security into the high definition era, with full 1080p video support so you view your burglaries with the same quality as the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

That said, with a two-way microphone and speaker on board, the 1080p HD WiFi Smart Home Camera is going to be just as useful as a communication device – want to keep an eye on the kids from afar, or yell at the dog from the office when she starts to chew your shoes at home? This camera is for you.

There are a few additional tricks here too. The camera features a 128 degree Ultra-wide angle image, which compares favourably with the standard 60 degrees you find on many cameras. There’s a night vision setting as well as motion and audio detection features, allowing you to trigger alerts when there’s activity in the home. Motion zone selection allows you to configure three specific areas of the camera view for motion detection and saving you from a barrage of false alerts.

As you’d expect, the camera is able to stream audio and video in high definition to a smartphone or tablet of your choice. Both iOS and Android apps are available, whilst Mac and PC users can check out what’s happening through a web browser.

With an SD Card slot fitted supporting up to 64GB storage, you can record up to 7 days of video locally if the network connection drops Continuous recording, manual recording and event recording are all available to select. 

As a Wi-Fi based camera (Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4G & 5G Dual-band) in case you were wondering), Samsung is making much of the camera’s easy setup. No installation CDs or network cables required. It’s simply a power on, sync with the router and short configuration via your mobile device.

The Samsung 1080p HD WiFi Smart Home Camera (SNH-P6410BN) is available now priced at £139. UK retailers include Argos whilst Amazon is your friend if you’re in the US.

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  • Looks very cool.
    Are you going to be putting it through it’s paces?

    • Well, hopefully. They’ve (Samsung’s PR agency) asked for a review and I’ve agreed. That said, the last time they asked for a review and I agreed they didn’t bother to actually ship the camera.

      So…. we’ll see 🙂

      • Silver Zach

        Hello Terry, Very impressive, we would love you to give our video monitoring camera a review;) let me know how to make this work, thank you!

        • Hi – just drop me a note via the contact link at the top of the page and we can catch up.


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