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Western Digital Uncovers New Surveillance Class Storage

You’d be forgiven for thinking that “Surveillance Class Storage” would appear on the pages of Wikileaks rather than We Got Served, but save those clandestine conspiracy theories for another day – it’s the description Western Digital are giving to their all-new WD Purple hard drives.

Following swiftly (and perhaps furtively) in the footsteps of WD Red, Green, Black and Blue, WD Purple is positioned at a new segment of devices – surveillance camera security systems –  as Western Digital seek to combat ever decreasing storage prices with specialist features.

The new drives, available in capacities from one to four terabytes, ship with a new feature called AllFrame. I’ll let Western Digital describe it:

WD Purple surveillance-class hard drives are equipped with AllFrame technology which works with ATA streaming to reduce frame loss, improve playback and increases the number of drive bays supported. AllFrame reduces video interruptions that commonly occur when desktop hard drives are incorrectly used as storage in security systems. Missed frames and lost footage is a serious problem when an event occurs and surveillance footage needs to be retrieved. WD Purple with AllFrame provides the confidence you should expect when it’s time to play back and review critical surveillance footage.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces video frame loss with surveillance-class storage.
  • Specifically tuned for surveillance security systems.
  • Caching algorithms are tuned for write-intensive, low bit rate, high stream count applications that are typical of surveillance applications.
  • Priority change for write allocations and preemptive caching policies.
  • TLER & ATA streaming support.
  • Supports up to eight drives.
If this sounds like the kinds of storage you’ve been searching for, then head to the WD website to find out more.
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  • James

    The big and most obvious question is: do I need them? Are they better than their other HDDs, say if I had an IP camera or 4 set up around the house and a recording system? Equally, whilst on the subject of WD and their colours… actually which is better for a WS12R2 unit, WD red or green…? Or, like i rekon… doesn’t it matter?

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