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Review: Sans Digital TR4M6G Hard Drive Enclosure

Sans Digital TR4M6G Hard Drive Enclosure

Ease of Use9
Value for Money9
9 out of 10
Summary With 6G hard drive performance potential, 4 TB hard drives, and a very capable RAID controller, Sans Digital gives you a fast, high capacity expansion system in a JBOD or variety of RAID arrays.

Today, we are going to take a look at storage expansion.  There are many ways one can increase the hard drive capacity of their server.  One can upgrade their existing drives to as those massive 4 TB units.  One can go out and buy rack-mount server case, and add a HD controller.

Or one can simply add on an external expansion enclosure.

Relatively inexpensive, and easy to add to an existing system, this option should have a high degree of appeal to those who bought into those small form factor (SFF) cases that became popular as an alternative the HP MediaSmart servers.  One such option is the Sans Digital TRxM6G TowerRAID lineup.  Per Sans Digital, this

is the world first 6G port multiplier storage, bundled with 6G PCIe 2.0 x4 RAID 5 controller. It is a compact RAID tower utilizing the latest SATA III port multiplier technology, where one single eSATA cable connects to four 6Gb/s SATA hard drives.

The above quote refers to the TR4M6G,

1-12-2014 9-32-37 AM

which is the subject of today’s review.  Included in this lineup are additional options for 5-bay and 8-bay units for those in need of massive expansion capacity.

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