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For certain pieces of data, you can always use an additional layer of protection. The ioSafe N2 provides that additional layer of protection for those who need it in a complete NAS package.

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Let’s talk data, or more specifically data protection, for just a bit.  We have three basic levels of protection.  They are

  • Data Redundancy (RAID), which is a real-time local system protection solution in the event of hard drive failure.  Traditional RAID solutions have morphed into various NAS hybrid RAID solutions, Microsoft’s Storage Spaces, and Drive Extender replacements such as Covecube’s StableBit DrivePool.
    In any of those data redundancy solutions, they are not a backup, although many use them as if they were.
  • On-Site Backups.  Using various software/hardware solutions, of which there are more of in the wild than I care to count, one produces a backup to some separate external device for on-site storage.  These can be on CDs, DVDs, external HDs, a NAS device, another computer, tape drives, or other similar device.
  • Off-Site Backups. Mostly, these are produced in an identical method to On-Site Backups. Once produced, however, the copy is taken off-site and rotated for protection from such a catastrophic event as a fire.
    For some, the use of a cloud-based off-site backup may be an alternative to a physical backup being taken off-site.  For small amounts, or targeted types, of data this may be a feasible solution.  For large amounts of data, this is not particularly feasible, and can be cost prohibitive.  This option for larger amounts of data may eventually gain in popularity.

For some, the last method may not be feasible or desirable for various reasons.  But for on-site protection in the event of a catastrophic event, there is one alternative, ioSafe products.  And for this review, specifically the ioSafe N2.


The ioSafe N2 is a 2-bay NAS device powered by Synology’s DSM, one of the premier Linux-powered NAS operating systems you will find out there.

What is so special about the N2?  Well, if you have ever had an opportunity to look inside a fireproof safe,


you may notice some similarities with the ioSafe N2.


Thick wall, fireproof materials, and the solid feel that comes from the associated weight.  For the N2, that weight comes in at 28 lbs (12.7 kg) sans the drives.  The ioSafe N2 is simply more than a NAS device, it is a fireproof and waterproof, network connected, multi-drive NAS/RAID storage device.