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How To: Transfer Your iPhone Contacts, Messages, Apps and Other Data to the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you’ve just purchased Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, you’ll be excited to get it up and running. High on your list of start-up activities will be transferring all of your important data – your contacts, calendar, messages, apps and media – from your old phone over to the new handset.

In this We Got Served “How To” guide, we walk you step by step through the process of backing up your data from your old handset (using an iPhone S4 as an example) and transferring everything over with an automated process.

Using this guide, your new Samsung Galaxy S4 will have all of your data transferred over from your old phone in minutes.

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Terry Walsh is the founder of We Got Served. He started the community in February 2007 with a mission to help families, tech enthusiasts everywhere figure out the technology needed to run the modern home and small business. He's the author of a number of guides to Windows, Windows Server and OS X Server and runs his own successful publishing business. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Terry has been awarded Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award each year since 2008 for his work on We Got Served.
  • I cannot use iTunes on my new computer to sync my iphone as it will wipe my iphone away. i used this instead to go around itunes when transferring my iphone contacts to my Galaxy:

    • Sheel Sharma

      Unlike Smart Switch, this utility allows to transfer everything (including text messages) from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other Android phone:

    • Shawn Cean


    • Shawn Cean

      Unlike Smart Switch, this utility allows to transfer everything including

      • Debbie

        Thanks Shawn, it actually works!

      • Guest

        Thanks Shawn, it actually works!

    • Yasir Khan

      I too am thinking of moving on to an S4 for several reasons including just wanting to try something different. Larger screen is the biggest big draw (for me) and I liked my cousin’s S3 a lot. Difficult to consider and give up convenience of iphone facetime with my kids and mother in Spain and all my apps in the iTunes ecosystem. That is biggest drawback for me. I have an iPad but that is not something I can slip in my pocket…

      Here is a little tutorial on switching to android from iphone:

  • Eddie

    thank you so much to whoever provided this page. i was throwing my phone around like crazy because i could not get it to work and i finally have my contacts on my new samsung. THANKYOUUU

    • No problem – glad we could help, Eddie!

  • roomi

    Hiya, I have tried transferring my calendar entries as per instructions above. However, none of my entries loaded on my Samsung s4. Please help.

    • Ralph Idoko David Ogah

      Same tin happened to me, everything except from the contacts and msgs were not copying, try unplugging ur Iphone if it’s connected den try d process again

      • Cotueny

        If the smart swith can not work, you can download a program called Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS to Android Transfer to help. It works well for me.

        • Joel Mahers

          This use guide teach you transfer iphone to Android,and transfer android to iPhone,transfer data including SMS,Contact,photo,video,music,ect.

          Read more:

      • Best Antawn

        Yeah, agree with! Also here is another way to transfer calendar from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

    • Cornelius Alice

      Here is a great solution that has worked for me.

  • thank you thank you thank you

    • Patrica


  • This is really amazing, I just easily transferred all the info I needed from my iPhone to my S4. Its so slick and fast and easy. Thanks again!

    • If you like it, don’t forget to share the love on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ 🙂

  • Fran WE

    Thank you so much Terry. Your site is a true find

  • Transfer everything from old iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S4 following this article:

  • Rabs

    Hi. I sold my iPhone4 but transferred all data to my iCloud Acc. How do I move this data onto my Samsung S4 from iCloud?

  • Gavin

    Any idea when the Smart Switch will be out for Macs? My iPhone data is on my iMac and so am not able to switch 🙁

    • No but you could take a look at Parallels for Mac which will let you run Windows on your Mac

    • Nushig

      For Mac, you can use Backuptrans to help.

  • swattier

    What can I do if the Encrypt iPhone Backup is greyed out and I cannot uncheck it?

  • misssky01

    HI, i have just transferred my apps but where do i find them on my samsung?

    • I wasn’t aware that transferring Apps was supported….! Is it?

  • Just wondering how long the transfer takes its been stuck at 98% for a few hours and wondering if I should cancel the transfer and start again?

    • Hi Sarah – sounds like the transfer has stalled. I’d be tempted to try again…

      • will this do anything to my Samsung or corrupt my iphone backup that I have used for the transfer?

        • I can’t give you a knowledgable answer on that one Sarah, as I’ve not had this happen to me with this app – I’d be surprised if it did, but I’ve been surprised before!

          • Sorry to be a pain hopefully this is my last question it looks like some information has transferred but it is hard to know what I am missing. if I start the transfer again will it double up the information on my phone or will it only transfer what didn’t in the first attempt?

          • It may well duplicate – if that happens, then you can simply reset the phone which will remove all contacts and then try the transfer again.

          • Thankyou for your help!!!

        • Leanne Cook

          Im also transfering from an iphone 4s to a samsung galaxy S4 but i have been stuck on messages at 98% for about 1/2. Is this normal??

          • My Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Memos completed without any issue. I also had ticked Wallpaper, Applications, Bookmarks and Voice Memos and all are stuck at 0% (All stuck on 98%). I cancelled the transfer and those that said completed appeared on my Samsung. I am trying the transfer again just for the items that didn’t work and all are still stuck at 0%

  • RAX


  • Elene

    Once I’ve done this, will I need to buy the Android version of the apps I’ve already bought on my iPhone, or are they converted to the Samsung Galaxy for free via this tool? Just wanting to know before I buy a Galaxy as I am really strapped for cash. I am really peeved that my iPhone 3 has such a limited function now, the fact that Apple have build expiry dates into their expensive (for me) phones is not attractive, but I also don’t want to lose all the music and apps I’ve bought over the years. Please help!

  • Ebony

    Thanks this pretty much worked for me, however, I cannot seem to find where the apps from my iphone downloaded to my samsung. For example Whats app – do apps like this automatically download?

  • After a few attempts this didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. My Contacts, Calendar and Memos seemed to be the only ones that worked. Everything else wouldn’t start. My Messages said completed but when my phone tried to update the data it crashed and now every time my phone switches off/on the update keeps trying to start again and crashes every time how do I stop this?

  • Chan

    Can “Samsung Smart Switch App” transfer whatsapp chat history from iphone to Galaxy S4?

  • sam1

    whats the point in having this software and its not compatible with mac. ur using an iPhone to transfer your stuff on iTunes. Hello wheres the genius in this?

  • Walter

    Terry Thanks !!!!!!
    I bought 3 GS4s and two are replacing the Iphone 4. I have changed out all of the info from the Iphones to the new Galaxy S4s and i am totally happy with this program. My wife and Myself have never been happier as we did not want to try and manually figure out what goes and what is trash. all went smooth!!!!

  • sbeling

    Anyone know if you can try this program with older Galaxy phones? I have an S II I would like to migrate iPhone 4 S data, mainly pics and music, to…

  • Ann

    Since I had such large files (almost 2000 songs) I had to first bring over only contacts, then I brought over music, then pictures and so forth. If you have large files and select transfer “all” it won’t work. Just do them one at a time and you’ll be done in 5 minutes with everything. Thanks this was GREAT!

  • anonymous69

    love u terry,was pondering over whether should i change to a S4 or not
    but now im able to get one!:D
    thanks a million

  • Mel Z

    Please help!!! I am trying to migrate my backed up iphone 3GS to my new Galaxy S4 using the Smart Switch program on my laptop, but keep getting an error message: Samsung Smart Switch has stopped working. I have restarted my computer and still get this message every time after the program starts to locate my iPhone data. I’ve been trying for hours. PLEASE HELP!!

  • donna

    Ah! Thank you so much for this guide. Very helpful, very simple to follow. Kudos!!!

  • Luk

    Can I use this program to transfer iphone 4s-samsung galaxy note

  • lets

    Hi, I have successfully transferred my data but can’t find where the applications went as it says sent 73/73 in the Application list. Thanks for this great application.

  • Nushig

    A nice program. I use a program called Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS to Android Transer to moved my messages when I got my Galaxy S4. Worked fine. All the messages have been merged perfectly. Now I can try transferring other data such as memos etc. Thanks

  • Drashna

    ….. Or you setup an “Exchange” account on the iPhone, using google as the server. That way it syncs your contacts, calendar and tasks to your google account. And then you can just log in to your google account on your Android phone. 🙂

  • fatty

    my laptop doesnt show contacts etc on the 2nd step help?

  • Zaino

    can i transffer whatsapp chat history from Iphone 4 to samsung S4 as well?
    if not is there a way to do that?
    Thank you

  • Zain

    is there a way to migrate whatsapp chat history from iphone to Galaxy S4?
    Thank you

  • Is it even possible to transfer an iOS app to an Android device?
    I only know how to transfer apps from old iPhone to the new one.

  • Kenaway

    Thanks. This is the clearest advice ‘ve ever tried to follow. it has convinced me to ditch iphone and go for an S4.

  • Ashlea

    Everything has gone well so far.. However as soon as i select manufacturer and data and click next – The content does not come up, however a circle (as if loading) just continuously spins… has anyone else had this problem? I have tried shutting the application and starting again but end up in the same situation. How long does it usually take for the content to appear so you can start the transfer??

    Would appreciate any help – thank you!!

    • Ryan Johnson

      It took mine a couple of minutes then said its not a supported version…i have 4.2.2

  • Ryan Johnson

    So i got an S4 today and wanted to transfer all the stuff from my iphone..i have version 4.2.2…..according to this program its unsupported ? Anyone else with that problem ?

  • Andrew

    Thanks, good information. But even after giving so many tries I couldn’t backup my text messages. Finally, I did it with program called mobiletrans:

    It can transfer everything from iPhone to Android including text messages.

  • Brandon

    Does this work with the note 2? Please reply!

  • Zain

    The messages won’t transfer for some reason from my iphone 5. They don’t appear in smart switch…any suggestiions?

  • Peter

    Fabulous, thankyou. Lost my original s4 and had a new delivered the following day (Sunday). But what about my contacts? I had kept my iphone, so searched the net and found you. Simple to use, your instructions are brilliant. You need a medal for services to the public. Again Thankyou so much

  • Tman

    Hi I have the same problem as Roomi. I can not transfer my calendar entries from Iphone to Samsung S4. please help.

    • stringbean_69

      I hope you were able to figure it out without losing your info. After doing some research and reading as I’m trying to prepare to switch from iphone, I’m wondering if the problem is because of syncing the calendar with icloud. My understanding is that I’m suppose to back up my iphone to my computer before using the app, but since icloud manages my calendar, I don’t think the backup is taking my calendar from the cloud and storing it on my compute anywhere; because the only other option I know of is syncing it with Outlook. If this is accurate, when I would use this app, I’m failing to see how it could possibly get my calendar from anywhere and put it on my new Samsung. I need help too, as my calendar is more vital than any other application. It would be helpful to have clarification and help.

  • Susan

    Thank you so much for putting this together. I tried to follow the directions on the Samsung site, and they missed key factors in the transferring of the data. WELL DONE!

  • JHW

    SmartSwitch didn’t work for me. It stalled on 61% for a while, I started again, then the program didn’t even load. I’m trying to transfer all my apps, data, contacts, etc from an iphone 4 to a galaxy s4. I have a mac. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

  • briffdogg

    i tried 3 times i missing sms messages and its not scrolling down through the messages what is wrong?

  • Anna

    I have tried this on windows and Mac and nothing happens past the connecting the galaxy phone. All I get is the “There are no connected devices. Please connect the device you want to transfer data to.” Can anyone help?

  • dave

    i am able to transfer everything but my apps are not showing on smart switch any advice ? Cheers Dave

  • chan

    thank you sooo much ! i read through and quite understand your method of porting, but have yet to try. can i port iphone to samsung note2 with your method ? i need to port all my data include sms, calendar n etc… thank you n hv a great day…

  • Ricky B

    Thank you thank you thank you for this. AT&T’s app was not working for me. This was a breeze!

  • Ali Holgate

    Thank you sooo much–finally my switch from ios to Android isn’t making me tear my hair out! All my stuff is now on my Galaxy S4—-phew! 🙂

  • richard_77

    All the basics can be transferred but will you lose all the apps and games you have downloaded onto your iphone.
    Do you have to start again.
    thanks in anticipation of a useful answer.

  • Sami

    I followed all the instructions but after it detects the manufacturer and the folder the application keeps spinning and nothing happens …anyone faced the same situation. I’m trying to transfer data from iphone 4 to Samsung s4. Please advise ….

  • varun

    hi everybody, i just transfered data from itunes to my new Samsung phone using samsung smart switch…trust me guys i am not a very tech savy guy but this just worked out for me in one go…my iphone was dead so i did not even had a phone to create backup from..the only backup i had was in itunes..i tried samsung smart switch and it worked perfectly for me…i suggest first try this and i am sure it will work out…but the minimum operating system requirements is android 4.1.2

  • confused

    I am thinking of swithcing to the S4 but my iphone is no longer working and I do not have itunes account. I have an icloud account. Can I transfer over things with that? I need my text messages on whatever new phone I go with. PLEASE HELP!!

  • NwaMbaise

    Hi, my story is that my iPhone was stolen, but I have maybe just the contacts available on iCloud accessible on my computer. How can I make the transfer

  • Michelle

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you.

  • Michelle

    This is extremely helpful! Thank you.

  • stormee1

    Well, I downloaded the program someone mentioned but it won’t give me the option to export the databse to my phone. But I can at least see the messages. Help

  • saq1

    when ever i try to transfer my messages from blackberry to s4 smartswitch stops working, can you help me out on this?

  • Pete

    What happens if your iphone has been apparently authorized 5 times and it won’t let you share/back up.
    How do you de authorize without losing data??

  • Tim

    this thing will go to 1% and sit what next

  • Mary

    Thank you. This page made the transfer really easy.

  • Megan Hall-Frump

    Terry this page is awesome – but the problem I am having, when I get to content to transfer, it just keeps spinning like it’s loading. But how long does this usually take? I have waited for 10-20 minutes and not sure why it’s not loading. All my stuff from iTunes has been backed up – it should all be there. Any help would be great!!! Thank you…

    • Sounds like the app has hung – definitely should be sitting there for 10-20 mins!

  • Megan Hall-Frump

    Terry any thoughts on why I can’t see the apps that I transferred?

  • Ema

    Not compatible with HTC, sucks

  • Omar

    Does this app work to switch from iPhone5 to the Galaxy Note3?

  • thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuu

    thankkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu may gooooood blessssssssssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ModManMark .

    It transferred everything except my text messages, I have thousands yet it doesn’t see them. I have an iphone 4s transferring to galaxy s4. any advice would be appreciated.

  • Michael

    Can somebody please explain me why SmartSwitch can not synchronise my iPhone notes with Galaxy Note? What kind of problem can it be? All othere data was transferred fast and successful.

  • Jovana Dejanov

    i am having an issue when trying to transfer data from my iphone that i have already backed up on my itunes to my samsung s4. when i go to open the file that has the most recent backed up data onto the samsung that is plugged in states that it is downloaded incorrectly. in other words. am i doing something wrong while backing the data up onto my itunes from my iphone. and it wasnt saved on icloud so i am unsure why it wont read the file. please help.

  • franklin

    Thank you.

  • Natalie89

    How do you stop the double ups when transferring music from iTunes to Samsung switch?

  • Josef Bichler

    I too am thinking of moving on to an S4 for several reasons including just wanting to try something different. Larger screen is the biggest big draw (for me) and I liked my cousin’s S3 a lot. Difficult to consider and give up convenience of iphone facetime with my kids and mother in Spain and all my apps in the iTunes ecosystem. That is biggest drawback for me. I have an iPad but that is not something I can slip in my pocket…

    Here is a little tutorial on switching to android from iphone:

  • Liz Hall

    Does anyone know how to restore Whats app chats from icloud to a Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • Abigailv

    So I liked you on Facebook and followed you on twitter – how do I see this free version of how to transfer iPhone contacts to a galaxy 4?

  • Paul Rice

    Thanks. The article provides only a single solution via smart swith. For those like me interested in other ways of migrating data between android and iPhone, use Backuptrans iPhone to Android Transfer instead.

  • Ethan Thorne

    Thanks for the useful guide. another way to transfer iphone data to galaxy phone with moibletrans.

  • copeland lee

    iPhone contacts, messages, photos, music and video can be transferred to samsung galaxy, but not with apps on iPhone. Follow this video:

  • AnavelGato
  • Perry

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! (Sorry for yelling), but you guys really really ROCK!!!
    Awesome instructions, quite simple and the results exceeded my expectations…
    BTW: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – FLAWLESS!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Tammie Sarvinski

    i recently switched from iphone to Samsung galaxy s5 and most stuff transferred,but my whats app and a few others.dont really want to go through that process plase

  • cayla

    How can I tell if all of my apple apps will switch to my new samsung? I have some important apps that Ive been using for 4 years that I dont want to lose. is there a way I can tell which ones will switch? and how does the game center switch?

  • ClarkWedner
  • Susan Walker

    Can you alter the contents of transferred text messages

  • anna 3

    Hi all, I just tried to do transfer with s3 to s5 and s3 have crashed on me 2 times while transferring. Do you know what that might be? Just raging now as on second time transfer needed just 13% to be done then phone just went off and stuck on Samsung logo when was switching on. HELP!!! please

  • RoamingGnome

    Try this simplest solution:

    1.>Contacts-> Export all contacts to vCard

    2. Move the vCard file to the root folder of Galaxy Note

    3. Dial app-> Dotted line-> Import contacts from storage.

    Then all your iPhone contacst should be imported to S6
    Read more related info here.
    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Caroline Middleton

    I am using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer contacts from iPhone 5C to Galaxy S5. Can someone please explain why it is only transferring 170 odd contacts when I have over 600 to transfer. Please help!

  • Manda Cornish

    i have just downloaded smartswitch to sync my contacts to a new Samsung Galaxy. Even though I have backed up to iCloud, the Smartswitch application can’t find any data. Anyone got any clues?

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