Windows Server Essentials

The Home Server Show 221

For listeners of Dave McCabe’s Home Server Show podcasts, tune in to the YouTube video of the latest show as Dave and Jim Collison interview none other than myself.

The topic is Server 2012 Essentials and specifically about my latest ebook, Using Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials – Step by Step.  I hope you enjoy listening to it more than I enjoyed being interviewed; interviews are exactly my area of “expertise”!

Dave and Jim are gracious hosts and made me feel quite at ease.  One result of the interview is that once Dave figured out where I lived, he gave me no choice about coming to the 3rd annual HSS Meetup later this year.  Guess I know where I will be on the 21st of September!

And if you listen close, Dave has a coupon code that you can use to get a discount off the purchase price of the book, so you better head over and take some notes.


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Hello. I’m from the heartland of the U.S. Lots of corn and beans, although Iowa is a lot more than just farmland. It also has a few computer enthusiasts (no, not me!). I’ve been around PCs since I got my 1st PC XT aloooong time ago. WGS is one of the first sites I found centered around WHS. And the best. Every once in awhile, I do get away from the KB and enjoy time with and my wife and our 4 kids. And I do have a day job.

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