Set top boxes? We’ve seen them all. Haven’t we? Well not quite. At CES 2013, ARCHOS will take the wraps off their all new TV connect – part HD camera, part media streamer, all-Android. A neat solution in a compact package, so it seems.

If you’re old-school, like me, you’ll remember ARCHOS from their Jukebox mp3 players – digital music on hand (in a reasonably chunky package) before Apple came over and made it all cool. Since then, the company has bust out mp4 video players and most recently, a suite of value-range Android tablets. But the new $129.99 TV connect looks like the company are finding their innovation legs once again.

The set-top box is packed into a small HD camera which perches on top of the TV and connects to your network over Ethernet, and TV via HDMI. A multitouch remote is included and offers full control of the Android Jellybean UI, with a full touch keyboard and access to media streaming apps, Android games, Internet and Email, HD video calling and a host of other apps from Google Play.

If you’re yet to invest in a new Connected TV, and you don’t want to sit in Apple’s walled garden, then this is one to check out.


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