There’s a popular saying which goes ” The best way to follow the news at CES is to not be at CES” – this time around, you may not actually need to be in the right year, never mind the right town to follow the news from CES, as the consumer electronics giants start leaking their new models ahead of the show. Today, LG dropped news of their latest Smart TV evolution, with a new user experience and feature set.

As trailed by Samsung this week, simplicity is the order of the day, with LG tidying up its growing range of Smart TV apps into interest-based folders (known as My Interest Cards) to keep the user interface spick and span. Users can organise apps flexibly as needed.

LG’s Magic Remote also sees an update, tightening up motion detection control, and is supported this year with a new Voice Control system (monickered Voice Mate), which according to the company responds to natural language flow and brings apps, content and services together from across the TV platform against search commands.

LG Smart TV 01 12.312 597x581 CES 2013: LG Unveils New Smart TV User Experience, Features


Media Sharing and streaming has been enhanced, with support for WiDi and Miracast, as well as mobile sharing via NFC, courtesy of a new feature named TagOn. Wave your NFC-enabled device near a special NFC sticker on a CINEMA 3D Smart TV and your connection is established.

On the hardware front, around 20 new models will be unveiled at the show, from the humble sets most people will be able to afford through to the jaw-dropping 84″ Ultra High Definition (4K) LG 84LM960V and 55″ OLED models. Some sets see CPU upgrades offering up to 120% performance increases and GPU uplifts at the 300% mark, ensuring soother running and faster screen response. Selected models also include new pop-up cameras for Skype video calling on the sofa.

North American users will benefit from continued support for Google TV on selected models, whilst the rest of us will be making do with Plex Home Theatre and other media apps to support media streaming.

Overall, it looks like evolution rather than revolution over at LG this year on the Smart TV front – we’ll look forward to seeing what everyone else has on offer.


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