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Coming Soon: Using OS X Lion Server at Home (iPad Edition)

Following the release back in December of Using OS X Lion Server at Home, I’ve just sent a new edition for the Apple iPad off to the iBookstore for approval.

This edition offers the same content as the previous ePub/PDF edition but has been reformatted for the iPad with high resolution screenshots, swipeable image galleries and a whole lot more. Check out the screenshots below:



Apple take a couple of weeks (at least) to approve new books into their store (I’m still waiting for 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects to be approved) but you’ll be sure to hear about it right here at WGS when it hits. And yes, if there’s enough demand I’ll consider high resolution versions of our two Windows Home Server titles too over the coming months.

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Terry Walsh is the founder of We Got Served. He started the community in February 2007 with a mission to help families, tech enthusiasts everywhere figure out the technology needed to run the modern home and small business. He's the author of a number of guides to Windows, Windows Server and OS X Server and runs his own successful publishing business. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Terry has been awarded Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award each year since 2008 for his work on We Got Served.
  • Autodrivel

    Hi Terry, 
    I’m happily using the current eBook version under iBooks on my iPad2. Other than the “Apple makeover”, would there be any new info in the iPAD version, i.e. a compelling reason for me to get the iPAD version?

  • That’s a great news!

  • Jochen Wargulski

    Any news about the Apple approval. Can’t find IPad Edition in iBookstore.

    • Yep, Apple appear to be extra picky with formatting details on iPad releases. Just working through a couple of changes they’ve requested. Watch this space…

  • nj

    I’ve been holding off buying this book because I’ve been waiting for the iPad edition, but with the 50% off offer this weekend I might have to give up on it and just get the regular. Is there any chance you would be able to upgrade me to the iPad edition when it comes out if I buy now while the offer is on?

    • Hi NJ

      Apologies, but we can’t do this as the two editions sit on different platforms (i.e. the iPad edition is exclusively through iTunes).

      Best wishes

  • If I’ve already purchased from the iBooks Store will this be a paid or free update?

  • Bob

    Hello.  I just purchased “Using OS X Lion Server at Home” ebook on Amazon I tried to register the book (as per your instructions in the book) at, but I got a page that said the site could not be found.   Can you please let me know how I can register the ebook with you?  Thanks.

  • Bill

    Just purchased for kindle, tried to register, got error age

  • iCrX

    Using OS X Mountain Lion Server as a Home Server – when will you sent this one? 😉

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