As soon as Windows Home Server 2011 was released last year, one of the first applications requested by the community was a dedicated anti-virus client. Vendors who had previously supported WHS v1 have not upgraded their software to support the newer release, but the good news is that G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer is here to protect you, your home server and a few of your PCs.

The software is priced at £99.00/$99.00 and offers centrally controlled anti-virus protection for the home server as well as up to 5 PCs on the network. There’s full integration into the Windows Home Server Dashboard, with automatic distribution of virus updates across the network.

GData InternetSecurity HomeServer 01 Windows Home Server 2011 Finally Gets Anti Virus Protection


Full specs from G-Data as follows:

Award-winning technology

  • Award-winning virus detection thanks to two virus scanner modules
  • Secure protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, diallers, Trojans, adware and other riskware
  • Instant protection against new viruses: email and web-based CloudSecurity blocks infected emails or websites in real time
  • Integrated rootkit blocker / special module for discovering rootkits

G Data ManagementServer

  • Easy setup: installation, virus scan, updates, settings and reports are remotely controlled using the home server
  • Seamless integration into the Microsoft HomeServer 2011 console
  • Automatic distribution of updates in the network
  • Also central administration of clients that are not always connected to the home server (notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs)

G Data AntiVirus and AntiSpam client

  • „Invisible“ client protection in the background, including for computers that are not permanently connected to the home server.
  • Mail protection for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla and POP3 / IMAP mail clients
  • CloudSecurity: Instant protection against new viruses and spam
  • Fully functional when working offline
  • If desired, independent settings and virus scans on the client are possible

G Data Firewall client

  • Remotely controlled installation and configuration
  • Simple administration using individual learnable access rules on the client
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections
  • Blocks and reports DoS attacks, port scans and much more.
  • Four security levels or expert mode
  • Invisible stealth mode

For more on G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer, check out the company’s website. Thanks to Garry for the tip!

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