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ISO Mounter

Experience Level: Standard

ISO Mounter is an add-in that allows you to mount ISO files (DVD and CD images) stored on your server so they can be viewed directly through the server’s folder share on all of your PC’s and laptops.

  • Supports Windows Home Server (V1)
  • Supports Windows Home & Small Business Server 2011
  • Integrates directly into the Server Console/Dashboard for simple administration
  • File system browser allows you to search and manually select any ISO file
  • Mount any ISO file (CD or DVD image) directly on the server’s file system
  • Configurable “Auto-mount” folders to allow automatic mounting of new ISO files
  • ISO files will appear directly in the Server folders as a browsable read-only folder
  • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor status
  • Quick-launch feature allows viewing contents of ISO files directly from the Dashboard

Developer: Electrongoo

Download: ISO Mounter – Windows Home Server v1 | Windows Home Server 2011

Release History

v1.30 (8th June 2012)

  • Support for Blu-ray iso images (now you can stream Blu-ray movies from your WHS to your XBOX or other DLNA device)
  • Added a 15 day free trial
  • Updated user interface for German localization
  • Fixed issue where some iso images would not automatically remount after a server reboot
  • Updated the installer package to be friendlier with older versions of the Microsoft “C Run Time Library”
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

v1.20 (1st January 2011)

  • Burn ISO images to removable USB devices
  • New “Unmount all” button to simplify unmounting of multiple images from the server Dashboard
  • New “Rescan watch folder” to allow mounting of all pre-existing ISO image files in a watch folder
  • Cleaned up the user interface.  Moved some tasks from the main view into a separate “More Settings” dialog view
  • Fixed crash when browsing for ISO files on Servers with a non-standard Share layout (e.g. server Shares are not stored in D:\ServerFolders)

v1.1 (5th November 2011)

  • Latest release




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  • anelectricmind

    Good idea, I was looking for something similar but a trial version would have been nice.

  • Frank Kasper

    This is one of the best add ins for using SBS2011 or WHS2011 in combination with a HTPC running Windows 7. Simply add the mounted ISO folder as search directory for movies, and you can watch them all without leaving the couch.

  • Luke34

    Excellent addin! Something MS should offer natively in desktop and server os’s though. Kudos to the developer to making this happen.

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