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Experience Level: Medium

WHSuTorrent allows you to monitor and manage your downloads via WHS 2011 remote website. Initial features:

• View/control your torrents via the WHS 2011 Remote site
• Add/Delete torrents
• Change torrent queue order
• Pause/Stop torrents
• Add torrents by specifying atorrent URL to be downloaded
• Simple graphing that displaysdownload speed history
• Configuration wizard

Not included in this release (planned for next release) :

• Add torrents by uploading torrentfiles
• Torrent labels
• More in-depth torrent informationin the Details tab
• Better security
• Automated install process
• User-specified update rate (ifrequired, current is every 4 seconds)
• Better artwork (blegh)

Developer: Grimstoner

Download: WHSuTorrent

Release History

v0.0.0.1 (17th April 2011)

  • Initial Alpha release


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  • JazJon

    Is WHSuTorrent being developed further? Will it work with uTorrent 3.0? I'm finally on WHS 2011 and it looks like uTorrent is the way to go over Vuze. (was using Vuze the past year on WHS V1)

  • JazJon

    Also, it looks like uTorrent has a new 64 bit beta version out now.…

  • Baz

    And uTorrent comes with a boatload of malware/spyware in the form of "Conduit engine" to infest your computer. Far better is qBittorrent – it's fast, free…and doesn't hijack your search or spy on you.

  • Anno1404

    @Baz uTorrent DOES NOT come with the Conduit engine…

  • areic

    UTORRENT IS NOT a "conduit engine" and does not do any such thing. It is THE most used torrent downloader BY FAR and hes been around for ages. I don't know if you are promoting your own software, or if you are a troll, I will let you decide

    I would however like to know if this allows UTorrent to run as a service or not, as that would be the primary goal in a server environment.

  • Jriker1

    Guy who created this has been silent for a while now.  Mentioned there was going to be an update but never showed.  Of course quest is does this work without issue?  I don’t know.  Install process was kind of disconnected from the standard “add-in” process so avoided.

  • Morpheus

    I’ve installed uTorrent and I’m able to access the Web UI from anywhere.  I can’t quite see the need to install this add-in.

    • Shawn Binda

       I can’t seem to get the webui to work..Any help?

  • kane

    could someone reupload the file please, as it no longer exists

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