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Snoop-de-dupe monitors folders you select on your home server and will detect and display a list duplicate files in the Windows Home Server Console. From there, you can delete the duplicates, ignore/keep the duplicate files, or in the case of the add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 & Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, replace the duplicate files with a hard-link.

  • Automatic, real-time continuous file de-duplication scanning
  • 160-bit SHA-1 de-duplication hash for optimum results
  • Windows Home Server Console integration
  • Pause and Resume operation at any time for maximum efficiency of your server
  • Select any folders of your choosing on your server for de-duplication scanning
  • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor progress
  • Easy to navigate list of duplications for: deleting, linking, or ignoring duplicate files
  • Quick-launch feature allows for viewing contents of duplicate files

Developer: Snoop-de-dupe

Download: Snoop-de-dupe

Release History

v1.75 (14th March 2012)

New Features:

  • Updated the Batch Resolve dialog to allow batch processing of simultaneous “Set As Original” operations (e.g. You can now select multiple duplicate files (by holding down the shift or control key and then select “Set As Original” to reset any number of duplicate files as the original duplicate file)
  • Updated layout for German localization

Enhancements :

  • Improved load-time within the WHS Dashboard/Console
  • Fixed compatibility issues with WHS systems with older versions of the Microsoft C Run Time Library
  • Minor bug and usability issues

v1.6 (28th January 2012)

  • Added search criteria to the Batch Resolve dialog for easier management of large duplicate file sets (i.e. view all duplicate files, view duplicate files located within a select folder, view duplicate files by file name)
  • Added a “Reset all duplicate history” feature (More Settings | Reset all duplicate history) to allow for better management of duplicate history
  • Added a vertical split-container within the Batch Resolve dialog to allow easier viewing of larger duplicate file sets
  • Added an easy to view “Duplicate file” count to the lower-left area of the main page of the add-in. This allows you to quickly see the total number of duplicate files which currently exist on your server

v1.5 (15th October 2011)

  • Enhanced database design for better handling of larger file sets (100,000+ files)
  • Allow automatic exclude of files based on file size (minimum and maximum)
  • Allow automatic exclude of files based on file attributes (hidden, system, read-only)
  • Added a progress dialog to the Batch Resolve dialog to better communicate operation status during lengthy deletion and hard-link operations
  • Added a new “reclaimed data” field to easily view the amount (file count and file size) of estimated reclaimed data (from delete and hard-link operations) directly within the Add-in
  • Limit the number of duplicate files in the main duplicate list to 20. Larger duplicate lists could make the Dashboard appear frozen for some time
  • View remaining trial days directly within the Add-in
  • Minor bug and usability issues

v1.3 (8th August 2011)

  • New Batch-mode handling to easily handle large quantities of duplicate files
  • Allow swapping of “original file” and “duplicate file” for improved file management
  • One-click “copy to clipboard” to simplify management and tracking of duplicate files
  • Localized in German language

v1.20 (17th May 2011)

  • Added support for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011
  • Added CPU usage throttling
  • Added hard disk write access limiting
  • Added worker thread prioritizing
  • Added support for hard-links (WHS/SBS 2011 only)
  • Installer now signed with class-3 Authenticode certificate
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.0 (1st May 2011)

  • Initial release


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  • briands

    I'm trialing your software and have run into an issue that severely limits the functionality.

    I have a picture dump folder where I put photos before organizing into folders. The application is finding files in both the temp location and the final location. That is great, but it is finding the temp as the "Original" and there does not seem to be a choice to delete the original. With the current limitation, the application is not really worth it for me to purchase.

    As a feature request, it would be great to be able to create hierarchy rules. In my case, the folder structure temp should always be deleted if the file also exists in photos.

  • jim

    Hello briands,

    Thank you for the feedback on the software. You are correct. Snoop-de-dupe currently does not allow you to delete the "original" file (actually it is the most recent file found in the duplicate list which does not give the option to be deleted). I will provide your feedback to our engineering group and see if we can get this fixed for the next release.

    Thanks! We always welcome product feedback and request for new features.
    Jim, snoop-de-dupe support

  • roger

    This has been a big help in finding duplicate files to delete. I actually found more than I would have thought. I guess I should keep my files a little more organized.

  • jeff

    Great program. My only issue is I cant find a way to do bulk edits like hard link several files at once instead of one at a time. I have thousands of dupes and there is no way I could go through every file one at a time.

  • jim

    Hello briands and jeff,

    Thank you for the comments on the software. A new version 1.30 of Snoop-de-dupe was released today that addresses both of your issues. I hope you'll find this update useful.

    New Features for version 1.30:

    • New Batch-mode handling to easily handle large quantities of duplicate files
    • Allow swapping of "original file" and "duplicate file" for improved file management
    • One-click "copy to clipboard" to simplify management and tracking of duplicate files
    • Localized in German language

    Existing Snoop-de-dupe users can upgrade for free:
    A free upgrade is available directly within the Snoop-de-dupe add-in by simply selecting “More Settings” | “Check for Software Upgrade.”

    A 15-day free trial is available:

    Tutorials and FAQ’s are available online:

    Jim, snoop-de-dupe support

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