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Add-in: StableBit Scanner

StableBit Scanner is an advanced hard drive scanning and monitoring tool for Windows Home Server v1. It monitors all hard drives in your home server looking for damage then analyses and retrieves files from the damaged sectors of the disk.

StableBit Scanner reads and monitors the on-disk Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology data in order to predict disk failure. StableBit Scanner tries very hard to get at the S.M.A.R.T. data, it asks the Operating System, it asks the disk directly by issuing commands to it, and it talks to USB bridge chips in order to get direct access to drives behind USB enclosures. If S.M.A.R.T. detects disk failure, you are notified immediately.

StableBit Scanner is designed not to interfere with any other disk access. If another application starts accessing the disk, or if you start copying a file over the network that is coming from the disk being scanned, StableBit Scanner will suspend the current scan operation and wait for the disk to become free.


  • Hard Drive Monitoring
  • File Aware Scanner
  • Scan throttling
  • Disk overheat protection
  • Reading and analysis of SMART data
  • Perpetual, scheduled and manual scanning available

The current beta (v1.0.0.2405) is available as a free download from the developer’s website as a 30 day trial.

Download: Stablebit Scanner

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  • rbonini

    Any idea on the costs after the trial expires? Since I'm rather interested in this.

    • Aylarja

      I contacted Covecube, the makers of StableBit, and asked about pricing. Their reply:
      "The expected price is $24.99. But it has to be stable first before it's available for purchase."

      If this software can access SMART data from USB-connected hard drives, that would be a huge draw for me. I have two 2TB drives connected by USB to my WHS, and I feel like I'm flying blind with regard to their health. In fact, I had to return a previous 2TB drive under warranty after it failed.

      I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

  • Aileron

    This looks very useful. Never underestimate the possibility of hardware mallfuntion. I just bought a Hitachi 3TB and had to return it for SMART error (unallocated sector count). Another server drive and my laptop HD (both out of warranty) show SMART errors. I would have returned them if they were in warranty. I've returned two Treo phones (non-funtioning bluetooth and non-funcitoning IR beam) and within 3 years I replaced a screen, wireless card, hard drive, CD/DVD drive and keyboard all on a single DELL Inspiron 6000 (all covered under extended warranty).

    • J B

      You shop at Frys a lot!?

  • I really doubt this would be able to do anything to read SMART data that isn’t already exposed. If there’s no data exposed from the USB controller, there’s no way for the software to grab it

  • snowdins

    This things got some bugs. I ran it once on a drive that found errors. Now the thing wont start up the background service. Also won't remove the errors about my drive even though its removed. It also somehow crashed lightouts and now that wont run.

  • geaston

    Having the same issue with it not starting the background service. This looked great until it did this.

  • malkie

    This add on showed SMART errors on three of my drives, even though one of them was a brand new drive. Two of the drives are identical Seagate 1.5TByte drives, so I think it is probably flagging up 'false positives'. Well I hope it is! Now de-installed

  • T-M

    Same here, now not starting the background service. Without the service the software is DOA. I wouldn't spend money on it in its current form.

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