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TV4Home allows you to record or stream Live TV from Windows Home Server by installing MediaPortal TV Server. This adds TV Tuner support for both Windows Home Server v1 and Windows Home Server 2011.


  • Proper integration into WHS v1 Console and WHS 2011 Dashboard
  • Easy setup wizard that guides you through the installation
  • Integrates MediaPortal TV Server Configuration app into the Console/Dashboard
  • Web-Interface with Single-Sign-On using the WHS Remote Access Website, enables you to schedule recordings

DownloadTV4Home | TV4Home (WHS 2011)

Release History

v0.1.0.0 Preview (14th February 2011)

  • Initial release
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  • jrose78

    I got this installed and running on WHS 2011 with a HDhomerun tuner. The hardest part was getting the guide information. I used schedules direct for the guide data and had to do a little mapping for the clear QAM channels (Had to change the channel #s locally so they would match with SD then I set SD to map by channel number.) I was able to get the client plug-in working in the sense that it came up but it was all in German and It seemed to be broken anyway. I didn't try to hard on this part because I really didn't need it.

    • Daniel J

      I have the exact same setup as you do my friend. WHS 2011, HD HomeRun tuner Dual and I am about to install it running TV4home. I was hoping you could give me some advice or words of wisdom before I begin?

      (You can email me at if needed)


  • AussieMatt

    Yeah it needs some polishing for me to re install it, and I don’t think any work has been done on it since (over a year). Would be cool if they finished it or polished it to work with TV guide information and just make the install a bit easier (ALSO BE GREAT IF SOMEONE COULD MAKE IT SO CAN WATCH LIVE TV OFF WHS2011)

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