Synology DiskStation DS1010+ Gets VMware Compatibility Stamp

Synology today announced that their DiskStation DS1010+ small business NAS device has been awarded VMware Ready status, and is now featured on the company’s Hardware Compatibility List.


“We are pleased that the Synology DS1010+ qualifies for the VMware Ready logo, signifying to customers that it has passed specific VMware testing and interoperability criteria and is ready to run their mission-critical business applications and operations,” said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliance programs, VMware.

“Today, enterprises need reliable and affordable storage solutions to fulfill their ever increasing storage needs and to backup critical business data. The Synology DS1010+ not only addresses enterprises’ storage needs, but also fits into their long-term virtualization investment by supporting VMware vSphere 4.0.” said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc., “Synology and VMware are working together to deliver virtualized environments with significant cost savings and a scalable storage solution.”

More: Synology | VMware

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  • Should both those links at the end go to the same place?

  • This looks quite nice – but sadly out of my price range for a NAS. I am curious about centralizing storage for my ESXi server but that would be another box that I would need to have running 24/7 … I already have 3 running right now 🙂

  • Christopher Horn

    OK, VMware compatible.
    Can we finally boot an ESXi server from a RAID on these boxes, say via iSCSI?
    I want to have this for redundany – if my main ESXi hardware fails I'd like to start another server and have it pull all data from the external storage. No need to configure anything.

    Problem usually is that the ESXi server itself cannot boot from external storage. Only the VMs.
    So much for compatibility…

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