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Lenovo Reveal Their First Home Server – The IdeaCenter D400

Looks like Lenovo just spilt the beans on their first Windows Home Server model, the IdeaCenter D400. The company just posted a teaser image of the product and have promised more information will be released this week.

lenovo lenovo10

Having a little dig around the web uncovers additional information from a number of Chinese websites. The D400 was released over in Asia on August 5th, and as you can see from the shots below looks similar in many ways to Acer’s Aspire easyStore Home Server with four hot swappable drive bays housed in a black plastic, cube shaped chassis.

lenovo1 lenovo2 lenovo3

(Picture source:

In terms of connectivity, the D400 packs 4 USB ports and an eSATA port. Power consumption is reported at just 40W.

lenovo4 lenovo5 lenovo7 lenovo8 lenovo9

(Picture source:,

Looks like a hardware monitor add-in is included with the home server – nice job with the graphics.


(Picture source:

No official word on full hardware specs or pricing at this point, or indeed where Lenovo are going to release the home server outside Asia. However, given they released the above teaser image via Twitter, my guess is that we’ll see the D400 at least in the USA, if not elsewhere.

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  • Jason

    Looks like the same base chassis as the Acer Aspire easyStore H340. It would have been nice to see Lenovo put out something a bit more innovative.

  • mykie

    Looks to me like they're straight-up rebranding the EasyStore, with a few cosmetic mods.

    Not that that is a bad thing, really, just means another distribution channel for WHS!

  • nartub

    I want that hardware monitor!

  • Yes looks like a nice hardware monitor, anybody else getting problems with comments?

  • Interesante artículo. Lo que dices sirvió de mucho, te agradezco!

  • Great hemamr of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

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