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Routers That Successfully Auto-Configure With Windows Home Server

It’s been a while since we updated our list of routers that can automatically be configured to support remote access by Windows Home Server.

You’ll probably know that Windows Home Server is meant to be able to configure remote access for your router if it supports uPnP, but in fact, this only seems to work with some routers. If you’re having problems with your existing router, make sure you’re running the latest firmware for the router, as this can work miracles.

So, if Windows Home Server auto-configured your router, then please visit the forums and let us know your router’s name and model number. If you have a firmware/hardware revision to hand, then that’s useful too. If you see a router listed that you do not believe auto-configures, it may be that you’re runner a different version of the router’s firmware. Please check the forum to see who submitted the router and contact them via the Personal Messaging system to check which firmware they’re using. Then let me know so I can update the list.

Update: List Updated 15th February 2009

So far we have:

Keep sending in your router models via the link below.

More Info: Routers That Successfully Auto-Configure with Windows Home Server (WGS Forums)

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  • Lex

    ASUS WL-520G

  • Hello Terry-
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  • Dave

    WL-308 Wireless 300N XR Gigabit Gaming Router <= works to

  • J Miller

    I have a new WRT150N that will not auto configure with my WHS, but it is on your list of routers that will??

  • hay I have a D-link Dir-655 and it worked great with my last internet provider (comcast) but now had to manually configure it with my new one (qwest)because of the fact that it is in pppoe mode not dhcp 🙁

  • Mark

    Cannot get the Draytek 2820 to auto configure, with any of the firmwares !

  • thanks because this explanation. I am impressed that you have an understanding of all that, nice write for Some nice content that you share on here.

  • Lucas

    I can confirm that the DIR-615 UK does NOT work with Windows Home server

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