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Add-In Review: Program Launcher

When I need to access my WHS, I normally use a Remote Desktop Connection.  I have this option with the OS I use and it allows me to do much more than the basic WHS Console allows me.  If you use the WHS console, however, you have limited abilities to do OS maintenance.  Perhaps Microsoft does not want you to.

Enter Program Launcher.  This handy add-in will allow you do add any program you desire to use from within the WHS Console.  You can even bring the WHS desktop to the surface and do all your maintenance as if you were using a RDC.

It is quite simple to use and add new programs.  Which is how this type of add-in should be.  When you first install Program Launcher, the add-in installs several items by default, as can be seen below.


To add a new program to the list, simply click on the + Add button and browse to program you wish to add.


<br />


Simple as that, which is the way it should be, as I said above.  If you need to do some file maintenance, double-click on the Windows Explorer icon and this is what you will see below.

<br />

And if you want full control, as if you were using a RDC, simply double-click on the Desktop icon and there you are.  The picture below is a screenshot of a Console connection, not a RD connection.

<br />

Author: Dan Forsyth
Version Reviewed:
Release Date: 03 Aug 2007

More info: Download | Discuss

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Hello. I’m from the heartland of the U.S. Lots of corn and beans, although Iowa is a lot more than just farmland. It also has a few computer enthusiasts (no, not me!). I’ve been around PCs since I got my 1st PC XT aloooong time ago. WGS is one of the first sites I found centered around WHS. And the best. Every once in awhile, I do get away from the KB and enjoy time with and my wife and our 4 kids. And I do have a day job.
  • Chris Riccio

    Considering opening up the Connector on a client PC can (sometimes) take almost 15 seconds after you enter your password, opening up an RDC connection is far faster. I have an RDC shortcut to my WHS box in my wuick launch bar, and it has the password saved in it. Just click that, and 3 seconds later I’m looking at my WHS desktop. Immensely easier, quicker, and more productive.

  • devin


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